Dr. Henk Jan Jansen

A highly motivated, energetic Information Security and Technology executive. Solutions-minded with experience in Cybersecurity

Hi, I am Henk Jan! I am an analytical and accomplished IT professional with 30+ years of national and international experience designing frameworks for a smooth project implementation, implementing vulnerability assessments, and performing risk assessments for protecting digital assets and ensuring network security. I tackle life and career management scenarios with meticulous strategies based on my expertise in leading IT and Cyber security operations/ initiatives, directing multifaceted teams, managing cross-functional projects, and providing executive-level leadership. I am well versed at examining overall processes, identifying underperforming areas, and delivering solutions for organizational advancement and growth.

With solid background in planning, executing, monitoring, managing and upgrading security measures, I have a track record of protecting organizational data, systems, and networks. An articulate and refined communicator with credible history of cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with clients, key stakeholders, and senior management to realize organizational goals. Connect with me today to find out how I’ll make your mission my mission, to help bring ALL of your business objectives into focus!


  • Major supporter in driving the fruitful conveyance of the IT Strategy for the AMEA (Asia Middle East and Africa) district spread across 16 nations adjusted to the Business and Global guide by driving an excursion of moving from a decentralised nation based IS/IT association to a halfway oversaw IS/IT association.

  • Spearheaded the digitisation system, presenting and executing new innovation-based stages to all nations of the district (14 nations) to digitise tasks and contributions to customers. Bringing about in general 40% digitisation of all locales across AMEA in a range of 4 years (Approx. 2000+ customer destinations in the district)

  • Managed the usage of territorial ERP stages over the AMEA district (9 nations) supplanting all in-nation inheritance stages with halfway oversaw stage guaranteeing standard cycles, digitisation of inside cycles and significant cost investment funds per nation.

  • Successfully executed the reconciliation between different stages (Microsoft Navision, Financial framework/IVR/Time and Attendance/Active Directory) towards the Central ERP to guarantee smoothed out information stream and viable command over all stages.

  • Cryptography:

    • Secret Key Cryptography.

    • Public Key Cryptography.

    • Hash Functions.

  • Identity and Access Management SME:

    • OKTA, Auth0, Microsoft Azure, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) ForgeRock, Salesforce Identity, Oracle Identity and Access Management

Successful projects

Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) B.V.

Freelance Security Program Manager March 2022 – October 2022 Amersfoort, Netherlands Implementation Security program to bring the security maturity to an acceptable level.

  • IEC ISO 27001 2022

  • Policies

  • Procedures

  • Monitoring

  • Privacy and Security compliancy


Duties: Design and implement Okta (Workforce Identity and Access Management / Consumer Identity and Access Management) SSO/MFA/WMA/2FA. Life cycle management and patch management. Setup a foundation for Identity and Access Management within CarNext. At that moment the business was in the midst of an IT carve out and needed to clean up a lot of legacy before being able to build that foundation.

My 2nd role within CarNext was Cyber Security Manager building a new ICT/Cyber security team. my tasks where:

Implementation of Security technologies, such as network appliances, firewall, Active Directory, IAM, PAM, SIEM, UEBA, AV, IDS/IPS, Saas, Iaas, Paas, user environment management, including desktops/laptops, profile management, access control and MDM solutions.



Bachelor business information science, University of Twente, The Netherlands


Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) University of Twente, The Netherlands

1995 – 2000

PhD in Criminal Law - University of Liverpool - Liverpool

2000 – 2003

University of Liverpool PhD in:

  • Law and compliance

  • Police Science - Forensic Investigation

  • Fraud prevention

  • Legal and compliance

2000 – 2003

Doctor of Science (D. Sc), Industrial and Organizational Psychology & People Management University of Liverpool

  • Addiction

  • Investigative Psychology

  • Psychology

Sep. 2014

PhD professor of ICT, in Data and Cyber Security, University of Liverpool

Oct. 2017

PhD Data en Cyber Security, University of Liverpool


Reid Technique & PEACE method

For a full overview go to Resume section.


“Henk Jan toke on that challenge and rose to the occasion. He was able to act as a program manager, aligning all running initiatives, set priorities in approach, managing internal stakeholders and partners. Henk Jan does what he says he will, will speak his mind and will challenge you and the business in order to get to the best solution. Henk Jan is an authentic, genuine and outspoken character with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and is very committed. It was an absolute pleasure to have Henk Jan as a part of the team and to be able to work with him” (Jeroen Hoek).

In my collaboration with Henk Jan, I have noticed that he is a very nice person to work with. Straight forward and always fullfills his agreements. Sometimes even faster than I ask. Our customer tells me that Henk Jan is someone who delivers a lot in a short period of time. Nothing has been rushed, everything has been executed very precisely. In addition to his high productivity, Henk Jan is able to provide advice at various levels in the business. Glenn Sweelssen

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  • dr.henkjan.jansen@hjinterim.net
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  • Business number: +31 6 878 543 57
  • Personal number: +31 6 811 401 67

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